Monthly Archives: February 2014

He reminded me of you…


Yesterday, while sitting outside of Gideon’s therapy session,  I witnessed something that inspired me to write a poem for my husband. However because of the way it ended, I thought it would be appropriate to share and dedicate to all fathers.


He Reminded Me of You

Today I saw a father with his precious, special-needs son. 
They were leaving the therapy center, since his session was already done. 

As they came down the ramp, I witnessed a love so big & so true. 
This father, guiding his sweet son, reminded me of you. 

The little boy toddled upon every ramp he could find. 
With a smile on his face, his dad didn’t seem to mind. 

It was a precious moment to watch as his son explored all things new,
This father, so calm & patient, reminded me of you.  

I wondered about the dreams this father had for his little boy. 
Did his son’s disability ever bring him any less joy?

But this father seemed so happy- truly joyful, through & through. 
This father, choosing happiness, reminded me of you. 

So to all the fathers out there, who are tired, weary & worn; 
Special needs or not, there is a reason your children were born

As you teach them about God, show them how He loves them too. 
And hopefully someday they’ll say, “Dad, God reminds me of you!”


Kevin- words could never adequately express my gratitude for all you’ve done and all you continue to do. Thanks for loving and leading this family. I truly love you.