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Hi there! My name is Samantha Jolicoeur and I’m so glad you’re checking out my page.  I started a blog because our middle son has a rare, terminal genetic disorder and I cope with it by word vomiting to the public. In fact our story is so crazy they even give us a mic and the stage on which to share it.

The video below is our story. I like to call it, “From Jerry Springer to a Life with a Happy Heart.” Enjoy!


“Peace isn’t found in the absence of conflict, Peace is found in the presence of forgiveness.”

Life with a Happy Heart

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  1. I just heard about you through Mama Laughlin, and I am extremely touched by your story. My son was born 11 weeks earlier and only had one hand (that was never picked up on ultrasounds). Some of the wonderful people that I have been surrounded by have shared something with me that I will never forget, God gives special children to special people. Please know that Gideon and your family are now part of my prayer list. God Bless and dont take your eyes off of HIM!

    1. Melissa, thank you for sharing a piece of your story! I love your statement about specials kids for special parents. Your son is lucky to have such a wise mom! 🙂 We appreciate your prayers and encouragement! I’m glad you follow my friend Brandi. She’s pretty amazing!! God bless you and yours!!

  2. Hi Samantha, I have commented in the past and wanted to share how much your posts have meant to me and many others. I am in a women’s group led by a wonderful woman Jen. She has answered the Lord’s call to minister to women with a focus on healing. She just started a blog and I had shared yours and MamaLaughlin’s with her as examples of women who inspire me as she does. If you could encourage Jen as she furthers her ministry I would be so grateful. Her new blog is purposethroughpain.blogspot.com. Thank you for being such an exmple of God’s work. Your words and His sprit have touched me so many times.


    1. Amy, thank you so much for your continuous encouragement. I love the title of Jen’s blog. There is so much purpose in our pain!! I will visit her website and encourage her any way I can! Thank you for sharing it with me!! God bless you and yours!

  3. Hi, Samantha: What an amazing journey you have all been through, and Gideon’s smile must warm the heart of all who meet him! My son attends preschool at your church, so I learned about your family when they did the Spring Art Show. I am also a member of MOMS Club, and each chapter tries to give back to their local communities. After sharing your story with the club, our chapter decided to include your family in our fundraising efforts. If possible, please email me with your contact information, so that we can present you with our modest donation. Thanks!

  4. Sam, even though we don’t talk or hang out as much as we should, I love you and your family! Michelle and I pray for you guys every night, and I admire the strength you have with everything that is going on around you.

    I read your blog whenever I can (busy life of a single-mom). You are truly an inspiration, and I am truly blessed to have you as my friend!

    1. I love you so much Sharona!! I’m so sorry we don’t hang out more. Your friendship means the world to me and I’M the one who is blessed to have you in my life!!! You’re the inspiration!

  5. Hi mrs jolicoeur my name is Delanie I believe you were a sub for ms luna at abbett and I pretty sure coach jolicoeur knows who I am but I would just like to say how cute Gideon is and it doesn’t matter if he may be different that is how god made him and god loves him soooo much!!! My aunt has Emanuel syndrome and often times gets stared at but when she was in my nana’s womb god said that that was how he wanted to make her!! This blog is very encouraging and it’s a blessing that god can give you time out of your day to go share with other people about your family and Gideon. We’ll a way thanks for your time to make this blog!!
    Delanie brown

    1. Thank you Dalanie for taking the time to encourage me. I appreciate it so much. I do believe that God holds us in the palm of His hands and so anything that passes through His fingers and touches our lives has been allowed by God for a purpose. Thanks again for your kind words. God bless you and yours!!

      PS: I did sub for Luna! 🙂

  6. Samantha,

    Thank you for bringing yourself and your family out to RISE Adaptive Sports end of summer bash. It was great to meet you, your family, and especially Gideon! He is an awesome boy with a ton of personality. I had a great time getting to know him and interacting with him today.


    1. Thanks Beth!! We so loved meeting you!! Thank you for your advice and for holding Gideon (way longer than you had too!!). Looking forward to seeing you around other events! Hopefully my sister, Traci Bryan, will come next time! 🙂

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