Baby Josiah


Hopefully baby Josiah will be making his appearance in the coming days. I went to my doctor Monday for my 39 week check up and I was dilated to 4 cm! I’ve been slowly dilating for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been talking with Laynie about what that means. So on my way out the door to the appointment she told me- “Good luck mom, I hope your uterus is…ummm…expanded.”  I didn’t correct her. I figured she was close enough. Can you tell we use proper terminology around here?

I love our big girl. She is wise for her age. Several weeks ago, we were driving, when out of nowhere she said, “Mom, baby Josiah has a 25% chance of being like Gideon.” I breathed deeply and told her she was correct. After a few moments of silence she spoke up again and said, “But mom, that means baby Josiah has a 75% chance of being like me.” I smiled and said, “Yes baby. And which percentage is bigger?” To which she replied, “Oh no, that means baby Josiah is for sure going to get into ALL my things!” (Unlike her brother Gideon, of course.)


We are extremely excited to welcome this new addition to our family. Clearly there are some genetic risks involved. However, since Gideon has been such a blessing to our family, we decided it was a risk we were willing to take.

So over the next week, I welcome your prayers for a few things-

  1. I’m planning on having a VBAC. My prayer is that it’s successful because I cannot fathom the recovery of a C-section while caring for baby Josiah AND Gideon.
  2. While we are willing to accept whatever the Lord provides, clearly we would like prayers that baby Josiah is healthy and free from the genetic disorder (PBD) that affects his brother Gideon.
  3. Sanity as we navigate how to do life as a family of five. I know people do it all the time, but with Gideon’s special needs, I feel like it’s going to be tough at first as we juggle feeding schedules between baby Josiah and his big brother.

Thanks for following our journey. I’ll post photos on my blog as soon as Josiah arrives. While I think we will know right away if baby Josiah is affected by PBD, the results from his blood work will take a couple of weeks to confirm. Thanks for your patience as we await that news.


12 thoughts on “Baby Josiah

  1. Sending prayers for a happy, healthy baby & a quick recovery from the birth. PBD does stink but the children are wonderful! I’m sure that Gideon has brought more hard work & heartbreak than a child without PBD but the joy he has brought is immeasurable. At least that’s how it’s been with Max! I wish he didn’t have PBD but he is perfect as he is & has added so much to our lives.

    1. Thanks Patty!! I agree completely. And we just love Max!!! He’s so precious!!

  2. I love rolling your sweet family! Praying for that sweet baby that he will be 100 like his big sister!

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