So last night Laynie decided that she and Gideon needed to go visit their cousins, Addison & Dawson. While we were there Gideon decided to do more big boy stuff!

I hope you will watch this VIDEO of my little man holding himself up.

Pretty awesome, huh?!

Go ahead and watch it again…I’ll wait.

Now granted, he did not get into that position by himself, but just the fact that he could hold his weight like that (and his head) is HUGE!


I love these shining moments and as cheesy as it may sound, I love how at the end of this video his daddy’s hands are right there to guide him to a safe landing. Isn’t that how we all are with our babies? We are right there to catch them quick if they fall (unless they’re sitting on the bed…lol).

There’s a story that comes to mind about catching our kiddos and my husband will probably kill me for telling it…but I’m going to tell it anyways. So for those of you who may not know, my husband cheered in college…and I don’t mean from the stands. He was a cheerleader and many people know it takes a lot of talent to throw/hold those girls in the air. But because of that, my husband is always bragging; saying things like “Did you see those hands???” when he catches something quick.

That being said, he was completely shocked and shaken when the day finally came where he missed…big.

One fall afternoon Laynie (she was about 2 at the time) was playing on this high platform at the playground. Kevin had stepped on the first step of the latter so he was just high enough to be eye-level with her feet.  She squatted down to kiss her daddy and to everyone’s surprise, she jumped!!… over Kevin’s head, and landed flat on her back. Now let me just clarify, Kevin did a back bend off that latter trying to catch her, which was an impressive attempt…but unfortunately, he missed.

This was totally out of character for her! She knew not to jump until daddy said “ready” but they weren’t even playing “catch me.” Of course that would be the day we walked to the park (with no stroller by the way…Laynie’s big girl idea). So the entire mile home Kevin carried her. I think he was in shock as much as she was. The only words he said to me on the way home were, “Daddy never misses.”

But unfortunately, they do. Mommy’s miss too. And you know what? That’s okay.

There’s only one Father who never misses. He holds us in the palm of his hand. In the video of Gideon holding himself up, you can see daddy’s hands are ready to catch him. But what’s interesting is that our Father’s hands don’t have to be ready, because we’re already in them. Is that as comforting to you as it is to me? Think about it. We never have to ask the Lord to be ready to catch us, because He’s already holding us.

We’ve already been caught.

I love seeing Gideon hold himself up. These brief moments of success totally make my day, and this one could not have come at a better time. It’s a reminder to me, that God’s not done with my little man yet. And I have a feeling there will be several more instances where Gideon is going to need us to be ready to catch him…when he crawls…when he walks. I can’t wait to be there for those moments.

In the meantime we’ll keep celebrating every ounce of progress- catching him all along the way.

Thanks for celebrating with us.

8 thoughts on “Catch

  1. Reading your posts and watching your videos reminds me of the early days with our son. It reminds me of all the milestones we were told would never happen, that we celebrated when they were accomplished, maybe a lot later than other typically developing children and sometimes differently but accomplished none the less. Now that the events are fewer and he is farther behind than we or for that matter he would like I had temporarily forgotten to celebrate the small things. Thank you for the reminder. I already knew each day was a gift to be treasured and only God knows where the journey will end, but I was spending so much time “coping” I forgot to live. Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration.

    1. Tracie, thank you for messaging me!!! You’re so right, each day is such a gift and what you said at the end has me in tears because some days I find myself coping and forgetting to live! Thank YOU for the reminder to LIVE. Dwelling in our sorrow doesn’t change our circumstances.. I need to remember that every day. My blog is my way of reminding myself of how good God is..because honestly, I sometimes forget…especially on those hard days. I’m so thankful you shared this with me. I needed to hear it. Your son is lucky to have such a wise mommy. God bless you and your sweet family!!

  2. This tickled my heart and brought a smile to my lips,with an- awe my little sweetheart…made me so proud!!!Love you little Gideon!!! Can’t wait to see you’se this weekend!

  3. So fun, love these moments, my little boy (11 months) stood for a few seconds today, I’m pretty sure he will be a slow walker as he doesn’t want to walk even with a walker. But it’s awesome to see them progress no matter what or when. We’re in the process of getting ready for his 1st birthday in nov. and it’s amazing to see where we were 1 year ago and how fast a child can grow, change and become so smart. I often wonder how people can think there is no God. We are so complex human beings. There could be no other explanation. Gideon is doing so well and it’s so fun to watch him, he’s so cute! Again I just love getting your updates, you have become so dear to my heart even though we’ve never met and you live far away. Continue to snuggle that little boy and enjoy every minute, I know every time I read your updates, I always want to go wake up my baby and snuggle him more.

    1. Beautifully put!! I would hate to think there’s no God after all the sadness and heartache this world brings. To think that this is it…too depressing!! Thank you Jacey for always being so supportive and lifting my spirits! I’m so glad to hear your little one is doing big stuff as well!!! It’s amazing the difference a year can make. I can’t wait to meet you and your family someday!! Thanks again for your kind words and love! 🙂

  4. Aww what a big boy! Wow, what a relational message Sam, you have the most eloquent way of speaking your thoughts. I aboslutely love your blog.

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