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Jolicoeur Party of Six- Introducing Nya

Well, we have some fun and crazy news to tell everyone. Baby Jolicoeur #4 arrived today!!

Introducing Nya Renee Jolicoeur! 💜

She was born today, June 9th at 9:35 am. Weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz, Nya is our biggest baby yet. Until she arrived, Gideon was holding that record at 7 lbs 5 oz. 😂

Didn’t know that we were pregnant? Well, that’s because we never got around to announcing it. 😉 Stay tuned for her birth story.

PS: As far as we can tell, she’s PBD free! Of course we’ll be doing the official blood work in the weeks to come just to be sure.

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

This three day weekend has been amazing for our family. I’m so excited to say that Gideon is doing really well!! First of all, he slept through the night both Saturday and Sunday night. Also, Gideon has had his full calorie intake by mouth for the past two days. And if you look at these photos and video from our Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll see that his smile and laugh are back as well.

Thank you all for your prayers and your continued prayers. Gideon still needs to gain more strength and put on some weight, but over all it appears as though we may be over the hump. Praise the Lord!!

Here are some sweet family moments. Enjoy.

There are never enough batteries

Since Gideon went into the hospital he has up’d his usage time with his vibrating toothbrushes. Which means these days there are never enough batteries.

In fact, every single one of these toothbrushes are dead and we have four batteries left. What can I say? The kid likes what he likes.

I wish I had great news to report about Gideon. The truth is that he is doing good enough to get by for now. We’ve been home a week and he has slept through the night once. His eating and drinking is good enough one day, and not as good the next.

We are emotionally and physically drained. It’s hard for me to post updates because I feel like we take one step forward and two steps back. My husband got up with Gideon (again) this morning at 12:45 am, and this is where I found him at 7 am. Gideon had one hand on his daddy’s beard and the other was clutching a dying toothbrush. It was on all night.

Hence the reason there are never enough batteries.


(The reason we don’t use rechargeable batteries is because Gideon has been known to lose his toothbrushes when we are out and about.)