Gideon’s ENT Appointment


I love looking back through photos of my kids; especially like the one above. They bring me such joy!!

It seems hard to find that place of contentment these days. I struggle with the juggle of therapies, doctors appointments, routines, decisions… the circumstances of life tend to wear me down. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Maybe that’s why I’ve needed a constant reminder about contentment lately. Monday morning at my class, I discovered the verse of the week was Philippians 4:11- “…for I have learned to be content in any circumstance.”  When I got home, I read my devotional and can you guess what it was about?? Yup, contentment.

You would think if that same topic came up twice before 7 am, that I would be more on guard for what the day had in store… Apparently I’m slow learner.

Gideon had an ENT appointment on Monday afternoon to discuss the wacky results of his ABR and ASSR. After looking into his ears, our doctor discovered that Gideon has a chronic build up of fluid in both ears. This is not terrible news, but now we have to go through the process of putting tubes in his ears. Again tubes are no big deal in the grand scheme of things; I’m just exhausted because it feels like “one more thing” to mess with.

The doctor says that removing fluid will often allow patients to regain about 25% of their hearing. However, because of Gideon’s PBD diagnosis, the doctor was quick to ensure me that there are no guarantees for him. Although he did seem to think that my little head-banger might ease up on hitting himself once that pressure is gone. That alone would be worth it!

Ever since that appointment, I’ve just been in a funk. I had forgotten all about my double dose of contentment messages Monday morning. In fact, I hadn’t thought about them again until the other night at our Growth Group (in home Bible study).

For $100, anyone want to guess what our Matt Chandler video series covered?

Yup, Philippians, chapter 4…emphasis on verse 11- “…for I have learned to be content in any circumstance.” 

Our God is so patient… especially with the slowest of learners. I think I’m starting to get it. The apostle Paul declared that he could be happy whether well fed or hungry, rich or poor, through ANY circumstance (even beatings & imprisonment)- he learned how to be content.

I’m so glad that verse says he learned. That must mean that contentment doesn’t come naturally. That must mean I have to rely on Him to help me choose contentment despite my circumstances. I can’t help but think about some of the happiest people I’ve met. They’re not content because life dealt them a fair hand. They’re content because they choose to be.

God- help me choose contentment today.

And everyday after today.


4 thoughts on “Gideon’s ENT Appointment

  1. Samantha, I needed to hear that. Thanks for sharing. Contentment is hard work. Although my family’s current trials and tribulations cannot compare to what your family is having to endure, life can still bog me down when it throws its unexpected punches. I keep up with the status of your family and really look up to you for the way you truly keep your focus on God through all of this. I’ve read over and over in the scriptures how God’s people remained faithful despite their worst circumstances, but haven’t truly seen a modern day version of this until I read about your journey. It is evident that God can bring good to light out of even the worst situation.

    1. Wow, Chad thank you so much for your encouragement. It’s always encouraging to know people can relate to this struggle with contentment. I’m truly moved by your words but I do want to emphasize, that our trials in NO way eclipse or minimize the pain/trials that you (or anyone else for that matter) face. I think I will be a student of contentment for most of my life. I’m lifting you guys in prayer right now (from a tiny closet with two kids…tornado warning in effect.) Lol. God bless you and yours!!


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