He reminded me of you…


Yesterday, while sitting outside of Gideon’s therapy session,  I witnessed something that inspired me to write a poem for my husband. However because of the way it ended, I thought it would be appropriate to share and dedicate to all fathers.


He Reminded Me of You

Today I saw a father with his precious, special-needs son. 
They were leaving the therapy center, since his session was already done. 

As they came down the ramp, I witnessed a love so big & so true. 
This father, guiding his sweet son, reminded me of you. 

The little boy toddled upon every ramp he could find. 
With a smile on his face, his dad didn’t seem to mind. 

It was a precious moment to watch as his son explored all things new,
This father, so calm & patient, reminded me of you.  

I wondered about the dreams this father had for his little boy. 
Did his son’s disability ever bring him any less joy?

But this father seemed so happy- truly joyful, through & through. 
This father, choosing happiness, reminded me of you. 

So to all the fathers out there, who are tired, weary & worn; 
Special needs or not, there is a reason your children were born

As you teach them about God, show them how He loves them too. 
And hopefully someday they’ll say, “Dad, God reminds me of you!”


Kevin- words could never adequately express my gratitude for all you’ve done and all you continue to do. Thanks for loving and leading this family. I truly love you.




14 thoughts on “He reminded me of you…

  1. Sam, I love how God is teaching you to love Kevin even more through this. You are truly blessed! Love you!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Kevin and the other dads too. God is blessing so many because you are being obedient and faithful to share your world with us.

  3. Eyes full of tears and a lump in my throat. Just beautiful and needs to be published. Praying for you always.

  4. Well that made me cry. Thank you for sharing this. It is truly touching. Such beautiful words of inspiration.

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