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Hope Kids- Legoland


Tonight we attended our first event with Hope Kids; which is this amazing organization for children with life threatening medical conditions. It’s the kind of club that we are so thankful for, but we wish no one needed it.

Hope Kids sets up different events every month. This evening was Legoland, next week is Jump Street, the week after that is family photos, and this list goes on and on. The best part is that every event is free for Hope Kid families.

We had such a great time tonight. Legoland was open only to our group so the lines were almost non-existent. Gideon actually rode a ride (he sat between Kevin and I) and he seemed to be engaged. It was a dark ride with flashing lights and right until the end, he sat between us like a big boy! Unfortunately, he passed out half-way through the night. Don’t worry, big sister hit every other ride for him.


The people we met were amazing. All facing similar, heartbreaking struggles and yet I didn’t see one person downtrodden. Everyone was smiling and laughing… even in the midst of the trials they face. That’s when I realized what Hope Kids really does. Sure they provide the obvious free event; but what they really provide is hope.

Hope that these kids can have some sense of normalcy while they’re here with us. For the parents it’s a relief that for a few hours, no one is concerned about medication or the upcoming doctor’s appointment. And the siblings aren’t worried that people are going to be staring at them because their brother or sister is screaming, self-stemming, and/or drooling.

Tonight we felt like we were at a family reunion….and we only previously knew two other families there!! (One of which we met at Camp Allen! Shout out to the Sakzenian family!)

Thank you Hope Kids, for bringing us together. Thank you Legoland for opening up after hours, just for us. And if you give to this amazing organization let me just say another sincere thank you!! It’s only my first event, but I can say with confidence that with your money, you gave more than an experience… you gave a family hope.

If you or someone you know has a child with a life threatening illness, CLICK HERE and register to become a Hope Kid member. 

If you’d like to donate, click HERE.