We Can All Do Something


Today was an amazing whirlwind. My little girl had her first dance recital & she did awesome! She was the cutest one on that stage! Okay, I’m obviously biased..

I say it was a whirlwind, because I volunteered as a class mom. So basically from 11 am (dress rehearsal) until 5 pm (finale) my life was… well…chaotic. Me and one other mom took care of 3 different costume/make up/hair changes for 16, 4-5 year old girls. We took them on and off stage 4 times (counting finale) and don’t forget we had to distribute snacks and take them potty as needed.

I say all that not because I want a huge pat on the back (okay, maybe a back rub from the hubs), but because there were several other moms there doing just as much, if not more. And because of that, several little girls (boys) had a precious & successful recital. It made me think of this quote I heard several years ago-  We can’t do everything, but we can all do something. 

Looking back on 2013, I often tell Kevin- I can’t believe we made it through. There were so many unknowns, so many devastating blows… but as I think back, I distinctly remember God using others to meet our needs in the exact moments when we needed them. Like the time I prayed, God just let me sleep! That next day I got a call from a friend who asked if she could come over so I could take a nap. Or the time Kevin said, “I don’t know how we’re going to pay for all this.” Not long after, a teacher approached him about a fundraiser.  Or even the times I thought, God I just don’t want to cook. It seemed like people came out of nowhere with gift cards and freezer meals! By the grace of God and the love of others, our needs have yet to go unmet.

Whether it’s a recital or benefit or just a family struggling, any time a few people choose to do something, so much will get done and so many needs will be met. So I want to encourage you to join me in looking for ways to bless those around you. Maybe you can help someone with a financial gift. Maybe you know someone who could really use a home cooked meal. Chances are many people could benefit greatly by the most precious gift of your time.

Everyone has a need. We cannot meet all the needs of everyone. But we can all do something to help someone.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s some options:

1) A  very sweet couple is selling shirts to help cover the cost of adopting a baby. They’re two days away from their deadline and need to sell about 40 more shirts. Can you buy one or two to help?

2) I know a sweet mom who is working and going to school. She has to write a paper, but she needs people to take a short SURVEY for the research part. Can you spare 20 minutes?

3) There’s lots of new parents out there who would LOVE a date night. Could you baby sit for them? (And don’t charge them!!)

4) Who do you know that could use some prayer? No excuses on this one…everybody could use a friend interceding on their behalf! Can you commit to praying for someone for the next month?

Thanks to my readers for loving us. I’m praying for you tonight, that you will seek opportunities to continue loving those around you, just as you have loved us.

We can all do something.



4 thoughts on “We Can All Do Something

  1. Although we are no longer on Facebook know that we are still following your story. It was so good running into you Saturday. I could’ve done without the drama that ensued, still brain boggled over that one, but so be it. You all so incredibly admirable and such an inspiration to me and my family. Praying for Gods continued blessings for you all!!

    1. It was so good seeing you as well!!! Please stay in touch! Do you have my email? I’m still not sure what all happened Saturday. I’m sorry you’re not on FB anymore. 🙁 Please do keep in touch!! Your words were so uplifting on Saturday; thank you for sharing part of your story with Kevin and I. I always find that everyone is going through something that rocks their world and ultimately points them to the heart of Christ. Glad we able to catch up. Blessings to you and yours as well. Love you!!

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